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Australian Self Storage Price Survey21 October 2009
A new nation-wide survey of Self Storage Prices has revealed huge price variations within the Australian self storage industry!
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Room to Spare as City Sprawls12August 2009
A THIRD of Melbourne bedrooms (1.3 Million of them) are now unoccupied, according to a state department report.
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Higher Density Living leads to Storage DilemmaAugust 2009
According to the recently revised South East Queensland Regional Plan, over the next 20 years QLDs southeast will need to accommodate more than three quarters of a million new homes.. see full article..

Australian Parking Feees amongst most expensive worldwide5 August 2009
If you've been thinking that it seems expensive to park your car these days, then you are absolutely right. In fact Australian cities are some of the most expensive in the world, with three Australian capitals ranking in the top ten worldwide for monthly parking rates. see full article..

Swap and Share to Make or Save Money23 July 2009
A recent front page feature story ( 17 July 2009) in The Washington Post entitled "Recession Lesson: Share and Swap Replaces Grab and Buy" highlights that throughout the US, people are looking at ways to cope with the recession and are increasingly swapping and sharing all sorts of things including tools, books, cars, time, talent and many other resources and services. see full article..

Money Tight - Now you can make it out of thin air23 July 2009
These days, with increased petrol prices and a higher cost of living, most of us are finding it a little harder to stretch our budgets. If you are struggling to keep up with the mortgage payments, or keep the car running, or if the prospect of a holiday is simply out of the question – how much of a difference would an extra couple of thousand dollars a year make ?. see full article...

New Concept Boosts Real Estate Industry18 Jan 2009
The Australian real estate industry, including potentially every real estate agency nationally, can now make extra income just by referring their clients and staff to an amazing new Australian-first self storage concept that’s got heads turning. see full article...

Money for Nothing from Private Storage11 Jan 2009
We've all heard of the old saying about making money out of thin air, but with the help of a brand new Australian idea, it looks like it's now actually achievable – literally!. see full article...

Save Money, Make Money - or Both in 20099 Jan 2009
We've all heard of the old saying about making money out of thin air, but with the help of a brand new Australian idea, it looks like it's now actually achievable – literally!. see full article...

Seek and you shall save!1 Dec 2008
Have you ever needed to store something in traditional self-storage and thought it was expensive, even impersonal? Would you like to store your things closer to home, or in an area or suburb of your choice, with convenient and easy access and save lots of money? A new online servoce called SpaceOut is promisng an innovative solution to finding Self Storage. see full article...

SpaceOut in a nutshell...1 Dec 2008
SpaceOut is a brand new concept within the Self Storage industry. We believe our new concept will revolutionise the industry in a new niche, which we have called 'Private Storage'. We are the first service to our knowledge in the world to introduce and offer this concept. This is A more technical description of SpaceOut for media, advertisers and affiliates, etc.see full article...

SpaceOut : A Revolution in Self Storage.1 Dec 2008
An innovative new business is turning heads in Brisbane and is soon set to be a household name Australia-wide. SpaceOut is nothing short of a revolutionary new concept in self storage and is an Australian first. The Brisbane-based founders of SpaceOut set out to create both an amazing new business and to help Australians to save and make money. see full article...

Make money out of thin air!1 Dec 2008
Ever wanted to make money out of thin air? It may not actually be as hard as you think, and there are probably people in your own suburb, and maybe your own street doing it right now !! see full article...

The art of emptiness.1 Dec 2008
SpaceOut is being heralded as nothing short of a 'revolution in self storage' and the three founders are especially excited to have launched SpaceOut at a time when many people in Australia - couples, families, businesses - are struggling financially. see full article...

Option for the totally spaced out.The Australian, Business - 30 August 2008
RENNIE Schafer, executive officer of the Self Storage Association of Australia, says the industry has enjoyed strong growth over the past six years. see full article...


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