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January 18th 2009

The Australian real estate industry, including potentially every real estate agency nationally, can now make extra income just by referring their clients and staff to an amazing new Australian-first self storage concept that’s got heads turning.

Around half a million Australians use self storage each year and the storage industry is one of the fastest growing in Australia – and the world. Traditionally, storage facilities and unit-based services have provided the only option for people seeking professional self storage – but there is a great alternative that real estate agencies can now refer their clients and staff to and benefit from financially.

A Brisbane-based company called SpaceOut, with a unique Australian-first concept, is offering a new national service where homes and businesses with extra space can literally make money out of thin air simply by renting out that space – and people seeking space can save money when they store, and in a location that may better suit their needs.

Real estate agencies can benefit financially by plugging into SpaceOut’s affiliate and referral marketing opportunities and earning extra income simply by displaying the SpaceOut banner or logo on their website, displaying SpaceOut’s promotional material where appropriate, and providing word of mouth referrals to their clients and staff. Participating agencies can also offer their clients and staff special ‘discount codes’, which when used to register a space, provide an instant payment to the real estate agency.

SpaceOut is for homes and business with space to rent
Almost every home and business has some unused space, whether it's a shed, a garage, room or office, or even just a cupboard or wardrobe. That space can now be turned into regular passive income by advertising it with SpaceOut and attracting people seeking space to store their things. Many couples, families and businesses in Australia, especially during tougher economic times, search for new ways to make extra income to relieve financial pressures. Why not rent out your empty space? Space owners can expect to earn around $200 per month – that’s more than $2,000 a year!

SpaceOut is for people seeking space to store their things
Are you thinking about or currently using self storage? Do you think it’s expensive, or just want to save extra money? If you don’t have family or friends who can help you out, SpaceOut is the only realistic cheaper alternative to storage facilities. You’ll not only get a better rate and save money – you’ll also be able to store in your own suburb and maybe even your own street.  Space seekers could save 25-50% on self storage costs.

All real estate agents who offer their clients real savings on self storage or the opportunity to earn fast, easy extra income can also elevate their own business by promoting an amazing service with great value. Take a look at today.

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