why use private self storage ?

There are many reasons why people like to use private self storage. They range from creating more space for living, to temporarily having no home at all. Some of the many reasons why people choose to use SpaceOut self storage are outlined below:

Selling a home

Self storage can be of great benefit when you are trying to sell your home. It is well known that a cluttered house seems smaller. By moving some of your furniture and maybe ‘junk’ into Private Self Storage, your home can look more spacious which can easily result in more interested buyers and a higher sale price. Some home owners even store everything they own and rent newer, more modern furniture and plants while their house is fir sale on the market. 


Hoarding may be the result of a fear of throwing something away that you might need someday. Within the Self Storage industry there are many examples of people renting storage space so they can continue to collect items that they can no longer store in their own home.
Private Self storage offers these people an opportunity to clear some space at home and still fulfil their need for collecting and keeping items. Because self storage can be rented on a month by month basis it is easy for SpaceSeekers to increase or decrease the amount of storage space they need.

Building a new home

If you are between homes while your new house is being built, what do you do with all your stuff that won't fit in the caravan, or with your in-laws or friends? Using Private Self Storage to store all your belongings can give you access to specific items as you need them until the new house is built and you can move in.

Home Renovations

People who are doing some renovations to their home or even just getting a room or two repainted often have a short to medium term storage issue. Instead of shuffling stuff around from room to room to get it out of the way, putting it into short term self storage could very well provide an ideal solution.

Separation and Divorce

Unfortunately, sometimes relationship separations occur, and often one person leaves their family home and needs to find a temporary storage solution for their furniture, household goods, personal items and vehicle, etc.


Seasonal Wardrobe

Do you have a problem working out what to do with all your winter clothes during Summer or vice versa during Winter? What a luxury it would be to move your entire winter wardrobe into self storage during summer and swap them over with the change of season. All that extra wardrobe space and no more struggling to find the clothes you want (and what a great excuse to go out shopping for more).

Hiding Presents

You've spotted the perfect gift (at a bargain price), but it's months before the event and you are having trouble keeping it hidden and out of sight. Using a local SpaceOut Storage Space gives you an opportunity to keep the present safe, close by and for a very reasonable price.

Having a Party

Are you planning a party, but want a little extra space or need to put some of those family heirlooms or delicate antiques out of harm's way? Private Self Storage can provide an inexpensive and easy solution.


People choose to travel for either work or pleasure - sometimes for just a short time - but sometimes for up to a year or more. With their house unoccupied during this period, they often feel more comfortable placing their treasured possessions in secure self storage.
If you are renting, and travelling for an extended period, you may find it difficult to justify maintaining your rent, just to keep your stuff safe.  Private Self Storage can provide the perfect solution, and allow you to keep your items safe and secure until your return, at a fraction of the cost.

Death in the family

At some stage we may all experience the death of a loved one. Often time is needed to sort through their affairs and belongings, and a month or two of storage can relieve additional pressures during this difficult time. 

These are a selection of the many reasons why people need to use private self storage. The benefits of taking advantage of self storage are more than just peace of mind but also often a sense of relief that your affairs are sorted and you are free to get on with living without your possessions tying you down.

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