self storage for business

There are many benefits that businesses can gain through using self storage. We have listed below a selection of some of the main benefits and reasons why businesses need and use self storage.

The benefits of Self Storage for Business:


  • You can usually pay month to month with no yearly leases required.
  • There is no large bond required to rent a storage space.
  • The rental rate for self storage is very competitive when compared to the cost of office space.


  • Offsite storage protects your valuable documents in case of theft, fire, etc.
  • You can rent your own individual lock-up space


  • Extended access to your storage provides great convenience.
  • Convenient community-based storage may be located very close to your business premises.


  • You can store month-to-month with very short notice required to vacate.
  • As your business changes, you can alter the amount of storage space you need.

What are the main business uses for self storage?

  • Archive storage
  • Sample and product storage
  • Office relocation furniture storage
  • Small business stock overflow storage
  • Seasonal demand such as Christmas stock storage
  • Home office storage
  • Emergency storage – in the case of flooding, storm, fire or smoke damage, etc

Private Self Storage offers great opportunities for small and big business alike to save money and increase productivity. Self Storage offers secure, convenient and flexible storage solutions that free up businesses to do what they do best. 

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