The Art of Emptiness

December 1st 2008

In 1976, UK entrepreneur Anita Roddick launched a unique business and began an amazing journey - one that would see her become one of the world's most successful and wealthy entrepreneurs, as well as the founder of an innovative philanthropic organisation that created original, fair and realistic opportunities for countless people in third-world and developing countries, especially women.

But unlike many entrepreneurs and businesses, who decide to 'give back' only once they reach a higher level of success (better late than never, agreed), Anita Roddick's dream was the opposite. She created The Body Shop specifically to help people in impoverished countries, and her own success came later.

In this tradition, and with an agenda of helping Australians, three Brisbane-based friends and entrepreneurs sat down together a year ago to plan a unique Australian-first concept in self storage. What developed from those early discussions has now certainly got heads turning in the business world, and could well become a household name Australia-wide.

SpaceOut is being heralded as nothing short of a 'revolution in self storage' and the three founders are especially excited to have launched SpaceOut at a time when many people in Australia - couples, families, businesses - are struggling financially. SpaceOut offers a simple and inexpensive registration process that could provide you with extra income or savings on your self storage – fast and with no fuss.

So what's all the excitement about?

SpaceOut encourages people with unused space in their home or business (SpaceOwners) and people seeking storage space to store their things (SpaceSeekers) to register their 'space' details and requirements for a small fee. Once you've registered, you'll be contacted by or able to contact a SpaceOwner or SpaceSeeker with your specific storage requirements, and start either renting your extra space (which means passive income) or renting a space for storage for between 50 and 75% of traditional self storage facility fees (which means saving money).

For SpaceOwners, the extra income could provide your next mortgage payment, tank of petrol, groceries, school fees or a much needed weekend away. And for SpaceSeekers, it means securing storage space cheaper, in a location closer and more convenient than most self storage facilities - in your own suburb or even in your own street. In this way, SpaceOut is encouraging a return to more localised, community-based business, with a win-win for all involved.

Are you interested in earning extra, passive income or saving money on your self storage? To register and be part of this exciting revolution in self storage please visit

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