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Are you thinking of using self-storage soon or are you currently using self-storage and would like to save money? Have you ever thought about alternative self-storage options? We define ‘space’ as an empty or available space or area that could be used to store something for someone else. We can connect you to SpaceOwners in your preferred area who have available private space to store as little as a shoebox or as a much as an elephant, and everything in between!

You can use our guidelines and full user information for both SpaceSeekers and SpaceOwners to help you decide about the space you need, the conditions of use, and any security or safety concerns.

All the hard work is done for you, all you need to do is choose the SpaceOwners who offer you the best storage options for your needs, or search for a SpaceOwner in your area who has suitable space.

Then, after a phone call or meeting, an inspection, a signature and a handshake, you’ll have a local, private self-storage solution and save money, and you’ll have helped a ‘local’ in your own community. Everyone’s happy!

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