spaceowner frequently asked questions (faqs)

This page answers some of the most common questions asked by SpaceOwners. If you have any queries related to your Space Listing or your role as a SpaceOwner, please let us know via our Contact Us page, and we'll get back to you ASAP.



Q: What is the difference between a Commercial and Private Listing?

A: Initially SpaceOut was targeted as a "private storage" solution, but we quickly realised that there were other types of spaces that people were interested in renting - so expanded to include Parking, Office, Commercial and Rural spaces as well. We've also seen an increasing trend with Commercial Operators (e.g. Storage facilities, Parking stations and Serviced Offices) creating listings. We have encouraged these types of listings because we feel that it provides a greater range of options for our users, after all private and commercial spaces each have pros and cons and are each suitable for different circumstances.

We wanted to offer commercial operators some extra benefits, so have extended our listing types to provide some additional features.

Commercial Operator Listings : cost a bit more, but are for longer periods, and allow operators to include a logo, more photos, and a link back to their website

Private Listings : are intended for private individuals or businesses and are a bit more basic - they are a bit cheaper, have fewer photos and are typically renewed monthly.



Q: Do I need to provide insurance?

A: There is no obligation for the SpaceOwner to provide or offer insurance - however, if you can do this, it is likely to make it easier rent out your space. We suggest that you ask your existing Home Contents Insurer if they will cover items that belong to someone else stored on your property. You may be able to extend your existing policy. See our Storage Insurance page for more information.

Q: How much should I charge for my Storage Space?

A: Ultimately, the price you charge is up to you - and will depend on what you offer and what people are willing to pay. You should keep in mind that if you offer good value you will most likely rent your space out faster. Setting a higher price, may seem to offer you a higher income, but you may have the space un-rented for a longer period. We suggest looking at what similar storage spaces in your area are being listed for, and also contacting local Self Storage facilities to see what price they charge for similar spaces. Most SpaceOwners charge 50-80% of the commercial rate. that Self Storage facilities charge. See our Space Pricing Guidelines for more information.

We have also published data from our Australia wide Self Storage Price Survey which you can also use as a guide to help you to determine market rates in your own area.

Q: Do I need to sign an agreement when I rent space to a SpaceSeeker??

A: This is between you and the SpaceSeeker.  However, we recommend that when you rent out your storage space, you should sign a written storage agreement which outlines the terms and conditions you are agreeing to. We offwer a sample storage agreement, which you can use as the basis for your own agreement.

Q: What if something goes wrong?

A: SpaceOut is a community based, private arrangement between two people. It is intended that private space rental be a simple transaction of fair-exchange, where space is exchanged for a reasonable rental rate. At the same time, to avoid misunderstanding, we strongly suggest you make a written agreement with the SpaceSeeker that defines and clarifies the conditions of renting the space. You may use our sample agreement as the basis for your individual situation.
If you are unable to resolve a dispute with your SpaceSeeker, it is recommended that you seek either arbitration or legal advice. If you think a criminal offense has been committed, you should contact the police (this has never happened to our knowledge). Problems however can be avoided by preparing clear and reasonable conditions for your space before you enter an agreement with the SpaceSeeker.

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