space wanted - easy listing guide

This page provides a simple step by step process for creating your Space Wanted listing.  You can find more details on each of these steps, along with what to do once your listing is in place on the SpaceSeeker Guidelines Page.

Step 1 Decide on your needs - Write down a simple and clear list of the things you require in a Rental Space.  This list will form the basis of your listing.  The types of things you should include are time scale of when you will need to store items, preferred price range, types of items you wish to store, how much space you will need, what level of access you need etc...
Step 2 Check for Suitable Spaces - undertake a Space Search to see if there are already any existing Spaces that may meet your needs.  Also keep an eye out for other Space Wanted listings to gauge the level of demand in your area.
Step 3 Create Your Listing - Put as much detail as possible in your Space Wanted listing.  The clearer you can define your needs, the more likely you are to find a suitable space quickly. 

Once your listing is in place, check your emails and be ready to respond to queries and contact requests.  If you don't get any queries within the first couple of weeks, you may like to consider reducing the price range, or expanding the description of what you are looking for.  You should also keep an eye on Spaces for Rent which may be posted in nearby suburbs.

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