SpaceOut: A Revolution in Self Storage

December 1st 2008

An innovative new business is turning heads in Brisbane and is soon set to be a household name Australia-wide. SpaceOut is nothing short of a revolutionary new concept in self storage and is an Australian first. The Brisbane-based founders of SpaceOut set out to create both an amazing new business and to help Australians to save and make money.

SpaceOut is a double-edged concept. If you're looking for storage space, at a cheaper rate than traditional self storage facilities, SpaceOut offers a real and attractive alternative. Or if you have spare space in your home or business, SpaceOut will help you find someone who can rent that space, helping you make easy passive income.

Not only can you save money on storage and make extra money, literally out of thin air, SpaceOut is also encouraging a return to local, community-based business, especially at a time in Australia when many people are struggling financially.

With interest rate rises, mortgage challenges, decreased job security, the rising cost of living and fuel prices, SpaceOut launched almost like a white knight to help ordinary people save and make extra money. The extra space in your home or business, rented out to someone seeking storage space, could be your next mortgage payment, tank of petrol or just a weekend away with your family.

It's simple, fast and inexpensive to register online, as either a space owner or a space seeker, and the rest, as they say, is history!

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