are you a space owner ?

Do you think you might have spare space but you’re not sure how much or how to use it? We define ‘space’ as any empty or available space or area that could be used to store something for someone else. This ‘space’ could be as small as a draw, shelf, cupboard, wardrobe,  closet, corner of a room or office, part of a garage, attic or basement, or as large as a whole room, office, house, garage, shed or even a factory or warehouse.

Remember, this is literally thin air and you could be paid to rent it out.

We provide guidelines and full user information for both SpaceOwners and SpaceSeekers to help you make the most of your space, the conditions of use, and any security or safety concerns.

All the hard work has already been done. We have done the marketing and advertising for your space, and once you've set up your own listing, all you need to do is choose the most suitable SpaceSeeker that shows interest in your space. You can also search for a SpaceSeeker in your area who is looking for space, using SpaceOut’s search system.

Then, after initial contact - a phone call or meeting, an inspection, a signature and a handshake - the SpaceSeeker will have a local, private self-storage solution and save money, and you’ll have helped a ‘local’ and be getting paid for it - Everyone’s happy!

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