about renting out office space


Do You Need Office Space?

Looking for renting out Office Space?If you are looking to lease, or rent office space SpaceOut can help you to find office space that meets your specific needs. If your aim is to find the right office space and to get the best deal possible you can Search for Office Space for your own suburb, town or postcode.

Do You have Spare Office Space to Rent?

If you are a home or business owner with space to spare, you could rent out that space with SpaceOut - and start making extra regular income. Simply Register as a SpaceOut member, Create an Office SpaceListing, enter the details of the Office Space you have available, and your listing will become available Australia wide for people searching for office space.

Leasing Office Space

For many businesses, an office space lease can be a major problem - often requiring a significant long-term (and sometimes expensive) commitment to the SpaceOwner. SpaceOut offers a wide diversity of office spaces for rent - most with very flexible and inexpensive lease arrangments that you are able to negotiate direct with the Space Owner.

Looking for Something Specific?

If you have specialist needs or are looking for something very specific, with SpaceOut allows you can create you own Office Space Wanted Listing - which lets you describe exactly what you are looking for. Not all Space Owners list their spaces - we find that some people who are considering renting out their own space, browse SpaceOut and contact Space Seekers directly - so adding your own Wanted listing can be a very effective way.

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