spaceseeker frequently asked questions (faqs)

This page addresses some of the most common questions we are asked by our SpaceSeekers. If you have any queries relating to your Space Wanted Listing or your role as a SpaceSeeker, please let us know via our Contact Us page, and we'll get back to you ASAP.



Q: What can I store in a storage space?

A: You can store almost anything in your space as long as you can fit it into the space and it does not leak, give off noxious fumes or present other safety issues. You cannot store perishables such as fresh food, fruit, vegetables and packaged food products. You can not store liquids that are flammable and could combust when heat is applied. You can not store items that are illegal.

Q: How much will storage cost?

A: The cost of storage will depend on the size , the location and the features of the space. The cost of storage is set by the SpaceOwner and may vary from space to space.

Q: What is included in the price?

A: The price quoted to you may or may not include GST (depending on whether the SpaceOwner is GST registered) and exactly what it covers should be specified in the Space Rental Agreement.

Q: Are there any other costs involved?

A: You may need to purchase a padlock and key for your space. You may also wish to consider obtaining insurance to cover your items whilst they are in storage. When you move out of storage there may be a one-time cleaning and/or fumigation fee (although this should be defined as a part of the storage agreement)

Q: Can I move my stuff in today?

A: Probably - The majority of spaces listed for rent within SpaceOut are available immediately, however, availability will vary from space to space – and will be dependant on your negotiations with the SpaceOwner.

Q: How do I move into storage?

A: Most SpaceSeekers use a removalist, a truck or a car to move their possessions into storage. The SpaceOwner may be able to assist you with moving in (and out) your stuff, so it’s worth asking. The moving in and out of your stuff remains your responsibility, unless otherwise negotiated with the SpaceOwner.

Q: Do you organise removalists?

A: We are not a removalist business, however, depending on locality and requirements we may be able to provide referrals (and possibly even discounts) for reputable removalists and vehicle hire companies.

Q: Who keeps the key?

A: This will need to be negotiated between you and the SpaceOwner. Access will vary from space to space, and will be determined by your negotiations with the SpaceOwner – and you may have duel access to your items.

Q: When and how often can I access my stuff?

A: The hours and conditions of access will vary from space to space. You should check the specific Access type with your SpaceOwner.

Q: What is the minimum period I have to stay?

A: The minimum period of rental is usually one month, but should you require a shorter or longer period, check with the SpaceOwner.

Q: How long can I stay?

A: There is generally no limit on how long you can stay. Your agreement will extend automatically each month for a period of one month.

Q: When do I have to pay?

A: On or before the day you move into your storage space, you will be required to pay for your first period of storage. Each period thereafter you will be required to pay for storage monthly in advance, or as negotiated with the SpaceOwner.

Q: Can I pay weekely or monthly?

A: Possibly. Check with the SpaceOwner.

Q: What are the methods of payment?

A: Payment Options will be defined by the SpaceOwner, but will generally be Cash, Cheque or Direct Bank Transfer.

Q: What if I am renting space and I do not pay the SpaceOwner??

A: This depends upon the terms of your agreement with the SpaceOwner.  Usually, if you do not pay your storage fees, the SpaceOwner may have a right to deny you access until you are up to date on your payments. If you continue to not make payment, the SpaceOwner may in some circumstances have the right to sell your goods to recover the monies owing.
You should always seek legal advice about any agreement you enter into, including your agreement with the SpaceOwner

Q: Do I get to sign an agreement when I rent space from a SpaceOwner??

A: Ultimately this is between you and the SpaceOwner.  However, we strongly recommend that when you move your items into a storage space, you should sign a written storage agreement which outlines the terms and conditions you are agreeing to.


Q: Will it cost me anything to access my space?

A: No. It does not cost you anything to access your space

Q: What if something goes wrong?

A: SpaceOut is a community based, private arrangement between two people. It is intended that private space rental be a simple transaction of fair-exchange, where space is exchanged for a reasonable rental rate. At the same time, to avoid misunderstanding, we strongly suggest you make a written agreement with the SpaceOwner that defines and clarifies the conditions of renting the space. You may use our sample agreement as the basis for your individual situation.
If you are unable to resolve a dispute with your SpaceOwner, it is recommended that you seek either arbitration or legal advice. If you think a criminal offense has been committed, you should contact the police (this has never happened to our knowledge). Problems however can be avoided by preparing clear and reasonable conditions for the space you are renting before you enter an agreement with the SpaceOwner.

Q: When I am finished with storage, what do I need to do?

A: When you decide that you no longer need the space, we suggest that you provide the SpaceOwner with at least 2 weeks notice (where possible). You may move out sooner or without notice, however normally, there may be no refund for un-used storage time.

Q: Do you sell boxes and packing materials?

A: No, but we can direct you to various businesses/services where these are available.

Q: Are my goods insured when stored with a SpaceOwner?

A: Not automatically. The SpaceOwner is entitled to insure your goods and seek various types of other insurance that might apply to the SpaceOwner’s premises, but a SpaceOwner is not required to insure your goods nor to put any such insurance policy in your name.
We strongly recommend that, whether or not a SpaceOwner has any insurance policies, you take out your own insurance policy in respect of your stored goods and let the insurer know the place at and terms under which the goods are stored with SpaceOwner.  That is the only way to ensure that your goods are insured while they are in storage.

Q: Do you sell insurance?

A: No. But we may soon be able to offer reasonably priced specialist self storage insurance.

Q: Why do I need insurance?

A: For extra peace of mind for those possessions you care about most.  See the Insurance Page for more information

Q: Can you accept deliveries?

A: No. SpaceOut does not accept or receive deliveries. In some cases this may be possible through the SpaceOwner, however will vary from space to space, and needs to be discussed with the SpaceOwner.

Q: Where is my nearest Self Storage location?

A: We offer an ever increasing variety of local self storage locations, so there’s a good chance that we have one or more available in your city, town, suburb or even your street. To check for Private Self Storage locations in your area, please go to our Self Storage Search page do a search in your postcode or suburb.

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