sample storage rental agreement

In order to safeguard the interest of both SpaceOwners and SpaceSeekers we recommend that a Space Rental Agreement - which defines the terms and conditions of the storage agreement - be signed by both parties.

In order to assist our members, we can provide a Sample Storage Agreement,which we recommend you modify as necessary to meet the specific needs of your individual Self Storage Agreement.

Please note: Different states and territories have different laws that may be applicable to this type of agreement, and these laws may vary significantly. It is also not possible for us to know the specifc circumstances of your individual agreement, and we therefore strongly recommend that you seek legal advice about any agreement you enter into, to ensure that it accurately represents your storage arrangement, and covers you in the event of any dispute over that arrangement.

Download a Sample
Storage Rental Agreement

Note : Any Space Rental Agreement is strictly between the SpaceOwner and the SpaceSeeker.
SpaceOut accepts no responsibility for any part of this agreement,
or any issues or disputes that may occur under this agreement.

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See the Storage Space Calculator or How Much Space Do I Need pages to help decide what your storage requirements are.
Also see Pricing Guidelines, Storage Insurance Guide and Legal and Tax issues for further information.

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