Make money out of thin air!

December 1st 2008

Ever wanted to make money out of thin air? Do you have spare space in your home, business or organisation that could be used to store things for other people? Would you like to rent that space out and make extra income? It could be as little space as an empty shelf or cupboard, or as much space as a room, garage or garden shed. You could be sitting on a goldmine and this could be your opportunity to literally make money out of thin air!

Simply register your location and how much available space you have, and wait for a suitable SpaceSeeker who needs space in your area to express interest. The rest, as they say, is history, and you’ll get paid to rent out your empty space. As a SpaceOwner you can also provide a valuable community service in your local area by assisting local SpaceSeekers who want to ‘shop local’ and store with someone with your exact storage space profile.

Are you SpaceOwner?

Do you think you might have spare space but you’re not sure how much or how to use it? We define ‘space’ as any empty or available space or area that could be used to store something for someone else. This ‘space’ could be as small as a draw, shelf, cupboard, wardrobe,  closet, corner of a room or office, part of a garage or attic, or as large as a whole room, office, house, garage, shed or even a factory.

Remember, this is literally thin air and you’ll get paid to rent it out. We provide a ‘checklist’ and full user information for both SpaceOwners and SpaceSeekers to help you decide about your space, the conditions of use, and any security or safety concerns. All the hard work is done. All you need to do is choose from the SpaceSeekers that show interest in your space, or search for a SpaceSeeker in your area who needs space, using SpaceOut’s unique search system.

Then, after a friendly phone call or meeting, an inspection, a signature and a handshake, the SpaceSeeker will have a local, private self-storage solution and save money, and you’ll have helped a ‘local’ and be getting paid for it. Everyone’s happy!  

The benefits of being a SpaceOwner

  • Earn simple extra income from renting out your spare space, while also saving time.
  • Make practical and efficient use of empty space in your home, business or organisation.
  • Assist others to store their things locally and privately, perhaps in a specialised way.
  • Contribute to your local area and community by ‘keeping it local’.
  • Use an inexpensive, user-friendly, no-fuss registration and profiling system.
  • The potential to earn even more income simply by telling others about SpaceOut.
  • Support a 100% Australian owned and operated business.
  • Support a socially and environmentally responsible business, which aims to help Australians to easily save money and/or earn extra income.

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