storage pricing guidelines

Pricing is probably one of the key benefits of the SpaceOut service, as SpaceOwners are usually able to offer very competitive prices for the storage of your items.

Setting space rental prices is initially the responsibility of the SpaceOwner – but this will be dependent on a variety of factors, and ultimately price will form a part of the agreement negotiated between SpaceOwner and SpaceSeeker. We have outlined below some guidelines for SpaceOwners and Space Seekers :

Space Owner Price Guidelines

As a SpaceOwner, you should set your prices realistically to reflect the space that you have available - the bigger the space, or the more features or “extras” that you can offer, the more you can expect to receive for rental on your space.

If you set the rental price too high, you will be less likely to rent out your space quickly, so it may be worth offering slightly cheaper prices to increase the likelihood of your space being rented out faster.

As a part of the process of setting the price for your space, we recommend that you review what other SpaceOwners are listing similar spaces for on SpaceOut in your area (or nearby areas). You could also contact any traditional Self Storage Facilities that may be nearby, to get an idea of what they charge for comparable spaces.

Ultimately, you are able to set whatever price you feel is appropriate, however we would ideally recommend charging between 50% and 70% of what Self Storage facilities charge.

Space Seeker Price Guidelines

The price you pay for your rental space will clearly be a factor in you deciding where and what you would like to store – but it is not the only factor and other elements should also be taken into consideration.  In contacting a SpaceOwner, you should have a price range in mind for what you are willing to pay.  We suggest that you review the prices for other SpaceOwners in the area you are looking for storage in, and you could also contact local self storage facilities and enquire what their fees would be for a comparable space.

Self Storage Market Rates

Traditionally, pricing for self storage can be volatile, and may vary significantly from area to area depending largely on the availability of facilities.
We have listed in the right column some typical price ranges - for a variety of self storage services. However, we suggest that you contact your local self storage facilities to get a price estimate for your own area.

For the benfit of our members we have also undertaklen an Australia wide Self Storage Price Survey which you can also use as a guide to help you to determine market rates in your own area.

Also see other pages in the SpaceOut Guidelines section, to find out more about using SpaceOut Services.
See the Storage Space Calculator or How Much Space Do I Need pages to help decide what your storage requirements are.
Also see Storage Insurance Guide, and the Sample Storage Agreement for further information.

Sample Prices
( Storage Facilities)

1.5m x 3m   $110-$150

3m x 3m   $200-$250

3m x 6m   $340-$420

Prices are per month
for Brisbane
as at July 2008

The above sample prices
reflect monthly storage prices for a selection of standard storage unit sizes at traditional
Self Storage Facilities

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