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HelpOut is a special FREE service being offered by SpaceOut in response to the 2013 NSW Fires, that have left people struggling to cope.

Help a fire victim & support your local community

 There are plenty of small and simple ways that you could make a big difference to fire victims.
If you are not sure what you could do - here are some suggestions on how you could help.

I have something to offer & would LOVE to Help !!!


If you live in or nearby to a community that has recently suffered from a natural disaster, and have been wondering how you could help.

with SpaceOut, list your service for FREEand give someone from your own community who is suffering, a helping hand.


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I could really use a
Helping Hand...


If you have recently suffered from a natural disaster and are currently homeless, displaced or needing some help, you deserve a HelpOut.

Simply Search for HelpOuts, enter the suburb or postcode where you are located and see what assistance is currently being offered in your area..


Create a HelpOut Wanted Listing

HelpOut was established to help victims of Australian natural disasters to get in touch with people in their own communities wanting to help - by offering their home, hospitality and hearts as a way to get some reprieve from the aftermath of the devastation, and as a reminder that people do care, there is hope, and things can and will get better.

If you are located in or near communities that have recently suffered from natural disaters such as cyclones, bushfires or floods, please consider registering a spare room, or anything else – material or otherwise – and offering victims some free valuable and much needed "helping hand" to rest, get back on their feet and start rebuilding their lives.

It is FREE to place all HelpOut listings on SpaceOut.

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Enter a Suburb, Town or Postcode for the area you would like to search for HelpOut, or Click on a marker for information about services in that area.

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