spaceout self storage guidelines

This section provides a selection of General purpose guides to help SpaceOwners and SpaceSeekers understand a bit more about SpaceOut Self Storage.

SpaceOut Self Storage Guides

  • How Much Space Do I Need ? – It can be very difficult to visualise how much space you may need, or how much stuff can actually be stored in a space.  This simple reference provides some guidelines in choosing the correct size space.

  • Storage Space Calculator – this is a handy interactive space calculator to help you decide how much space you will need – based on what specific items you need to store.
  • Pricing Guidelines – a set of guidelines to help both Seekers and Owners determine what is a fair and reasonable priceto charge or pay for Private Storage.
  • Storage Insurance– some hints, tips and options for obtaining insurance for your stuff.
  • Sample Storage Agreement – a sample storage agreement – for you to use (if you wish) as the basis of a storage agreement between Owners and Seekers

See also our other pages in the SpaceOut Guidelines section, to find out more about using SpaceOut Services.
See the Storage Space Calculator or How Much Space Do I Need pages to help decide what your storage requirements are.
Also see Pricing Guidelines, Storage Insurance Guide, and the Sample Storage Agreement for further information.

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Why ?? #3

There are plenty of reasons why people may want to use Private Storage - here's one:


Building a New Home - Using Private Self Storage to store all of your belongings will give you access to specific items as you need them until the new house is built and you can move in.


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