space owners - turn your unused space into a regular income

As a SpaceOwner you could be sitting on a goldmine. Do you have empty space in your home, business or organisation that could be of use to other people? Would you like to rent that space out and make extra income?

You don't need a whole lot of space to start making money from it. It could be as small as an empty shelf or cupboard, a spare wardrobe or bedroom, or an unused garage or garden shed. If you have ANY unused space around your home, office or business, this could be your opportunity to literally make money out of thin air!

Simply register your location along with some details about your space, and SpaceSeekers (people looking for private space to rent) will contact you through our secure message service. If you agree, you can then exchange contact details and discuss their specific needs via phone or email, or even arrange a meeting for them to view the space. 

If you are both happy that you can help each other out, you simply reach an agreement, and they pay you a regular space rental fee while you sit back and do nothing!

As a SpaceOwner you also provide a valuable community service in your local area by assisting local SpaceSeekers who want to ‘shop local’ and rent a space with someone with your exact space profile.

SpaceOwner Benefits

There are numerous benefits to being a SpaceOwner, including:

    • Earn simple extra income from renting out your spare space, while also saving time.
    • Make practical and efficient use of empty space in your home, business or organisation.
    • Assist others to rent space locally and privately, perhaps in a specialised way.
    • Contribute to your local area and community by ‘keeping it local’.
    • Use an inexpensive, user-friendly, no-fuss registration and listing system.
    • The potential to earn even more income simply by telling others about SpaceOut (see our affiliate program)
    • Support a 100% Australian owned and founded business
    • Support a socially and environmentally responsible business, which aims to help all Australians to easily save money and/or earn extra income



You can read about being a SpaceOwner or see our SpaceOwner Guidelines to find out more about preparing, listing and managing your space for rent. The SpaceOwner Fees page provides information about the SpaceOut Fee Structure.

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SpaceOut Feedback:
Fantastic Service
Thanx SpaceOut.... It may not make me my fortune - but the extra $220 a month I am now getting for renting out my backyard shed, sure takes the edge off higher petrol and grocery costs.
From: Steve C - Brisbane
Rating: 5


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