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December 1st 2008

SpaceOut is a brand new concept within the Self Storage industry. We believe our new concept will revolutionise the industry and service a special niche market, which we have called 'Private Storage'. We are the first service to our knowledge in the world to introduce and offer this concept in a one-stop-shop approach.

We have two groups of clients. The first, SpaceOwners, own or control a physical area or space appropriate for storage. SpaceOwners are looking to convert unused space around their home or business into an income stream by storing items for people seeking space for an agreed rental fee.

The second group, SpaceSeekers, are people who have things they need to store. This group, until now, has mainly used traditional self storage facilities and services.

The Process

Owners of space register as a SpaceOwner through our website, pay a small fee, and enter their details and description of their space as a listing on the website. Their space details are then displayed in the spaces for rent section of the website.

People searching for storage space search directly for appropriate space by location (region, suburb, town, postcode or even street) or using other selection criteria to narrow down their search.

When a suitable location is found, SpaceSeekers contact the SpaceOwner and arrange an inspection with the owner directly through our messaging service. This protects the privacy of the SpaceOwner until he or she chooses to reply to the SpaceSeeker. If the space is suitable upon inspection, both space owner and seeker agree on terms of storage like accessibility, price, payment frequency, agreement term, and then sign a storage agreement. SpaceSeekers then relocate their items to the SpaceOwner's space.

The agreement is activated on the date indicated on the storage rental agreement. All activities from the initial point of contact by space owners and space seekers are the responsibility of the individual. SpaceOut takes no responsibility for any activity between the space seeker and owner from the point of contact.

In a nutshell, SpaceOut provides a simple classifieds service, which enables people needing storage space to search for space, locate and contact people who have spare space that they are willing to rent out.

To learn more about SpaceOut and to become either a SpaceOwner or SpaceSeeker please visit

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