Money for Nothing from Private Storage

January 9th 2009

We've all heard of the old saying about making money out of thin air, but with the help of a brand new Australian idea, it looks like it's now actually achievable – literally!

Almost everyone has unused space around their home, apartment or business, whether it's a shed, part of a garage or room, or even just a cupboard. That space can now be turned into regular passive income by advertising it as Private Storage space, and renting it out to one of more than 300,000 individuals and businesses who currently rent or are looking for storage space throughout Australia.

“Private Storage is a grass-roots revolution within the Storage industry”, says co-founder Damon Russell. “We wanted to bring the community closer together for mutual benefit just like the old days. If you can store your stuff with someone in your own street or neighborhood for a great rate, then that's got to be good for both the storer and the space owner.”

In times of economic uncertainty like these, any extra cash comes in handy and depending on your available space, you could be pocketing a few hundred  dollars a month (that’s a few thousand dollars a year of extra income).  

“It's a bit like a share-mate that doesn't snore, hog the shower or eat your food”, says Russell. “Retirees or Empty Nesters, with extra bedrooms or a spare car space can supplement their income and really make a difference to their lifestyle.”

The website has been inundated since launching in early December, and with this month being the statistical peak in activity for the storage industry (according to Google search traffic), many people are keen to be the first SpaceOwner in their own street.

“There are currently more space seekers than owners on the site because Private Storage is such a new concept, so filling unused space should be no trouble for any space owner out there looking to make some simple extra income. Most of our SpaceOwners are getting multiple queries at the moment”, Russell says.

With all the bad news about the economy, and the financial challenges many people are anticipating in the future, it’s refreshing to see a positive option that could make a real difference. SpaceOut is an excellent example of Aussie ingenuity at work in tough times.
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