HelpOut suggestions


Apart from financial donations (which are great, but which are better for the organised charities such as the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal and the Australian Red Cross to coordinate), there are many other things that you can do to help someone in need. Here are a few suggestions :

  • Invite a family around for a home-cooked meal
  • Organise a Wii Sports Tournament
  • Offer Internet Access
  • Lend out your car for a day (or two)
  • Offer a lift to or from somewhere
  • Look after someone's pet for a while
  • Lend out your trailer (or offer to help someone move stuff)
  • Organise lift sharing for work / school
  • Organize a DVD night
  • Organize a ‘local dance’ at your local community hall or school
  • Offer pet and livestock accessories
  • Donate vouchers
  • Organize a street BBQ to ‘just talk’ and have fun
  • Organize a children’s party or event for the kids
  • Offer your unused clothing and household items
  • Offer food hampers
  • Offer your property to homeless livestock
  • Offer pet and livestock food to people with needy animals
  • Accommodation services can offer a free room or caravan for a week (or more)
  • Holiday services can offer free weekend (or more) getaways and breaks
  • Fun parks and entertainment services can offer free entry or vouchers
  • Donate ‘school fees’ to schools for families in need
  • Donate toys, games, computer games and books
  • Offer a family HelpOut to just have a cuppa and listen
  • Approach a café or restaurant to host a free/discounted lunch or dinner

We also suggest that you contact your local relief centre and charaties to see what people really need most.
See our Links page to see how else you can help.

If you are a victim of these disasters yourself, and are in need of something (anything)
post a HelpOut Wanted Listing for Free – and someone may be able to help you.

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