self storage insurance

Just as you like to have your goods insured while they are in your own home, you should also consider insurance for your goods when they are in private storage. Private Storage can be used in a great variety of different locations, each of which may have different insurance needs and options.

As in your own home, no matter how secure the environment, there may still be risks to your items, from fire, flood, storm or burglary, etc. SpaceOut recommends that you take out adequate insurance to cover your items in the event of loss or damage.

There are a number of insurance options available to you:

Your Own Contents Insurance

If you already have your own contents insurance, we suggest that you contact your insurer to see if you can temporarily (for the term of your storage) transfer (or extend) some or all of the cover to an alternate address. 

Some insurers may not be prepared to cover items 'in storage' but may be happy to cover specific items, or items to a specific value that are temporarily located at a separate address. It will depend on your specific insurer, and it may be worth ‘shopping around’ for the best quote/insurance.

SpaceOwners Contents Insurance

The SpaceOwner’s existing Contents Insurance policy may also cover items that they have stored on their premises, or they may be able to make an amendment to their policy to include additional items up to a specified value.

We suggest that you discuss insurance with the SpaceOwner as a part of the process you follow to rent your space.

If you intend using the SpaceOwner’s own insurance policy, we suggest that you make sure that the value and type of cover is included in the storage agreement.

If the sSpaceOwner is available to offer insurance they will probably (but not necessarily) mention it in the description of their space for rent. 

Specialist Storage Insurance

There may be some specialist storage insurance options available to you, which may also include transit cover for when you are packing or moving your items to and from storage.

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