What people are saying about SpaceOut right now?

September 3rd, 2009

Here’s some of what people are saying about SpaceOut recently (in fact all these comments have been received withn the last 7 days). My personal favourites are in green , and my thoughts are at the end.

  • ”a fabulous idea in todays hard times!!”
  • ”well set out”
  • ”what a fab idea”
  • ‘Luv your site anyway……………………………keep it up
  • ”very easy and fast”
  • “Great website! I am a software tester for a living and I really liked.
  • “Dear Friends, you are wonderful, this is a genius type of an idea. God Bless you 🙂 your website looks great although I did not explored it in detail. but what counts is an idea! Well done! Hopefully your clients will multiply like mushrooms after the rain soon”
  • ”Very well setup and easy site to navigate. Good luck and I hope it takes off?”
  • ”I have just placed up my ad… so easy and can not wait to hear from potential clients… yea ha :)”
  • ”i think it is a great idea”
  • ”great idea ”
  • ‘Terrific”
  • ”All the questions I wanted to know have been answered. Thankyou.”
  • ”A great idea and one I’ll use to hopefully store someone’s stuff in a way which will benefit both parties.”
  • ”Great concept, have been thinking about renting out spare space for a long time, now i can do it easily”
  • ”What a fantastic idea! I read about this in the Sunday Times. I have a large home with plenty of space and did not even think about renting out the space I have.”
  • ”What a fabulous idea! Wish we knew of this before we put our house up for Auction. A great little cash flow earner!”
  • ”Provides a useful service”
  • ”wonderful, awesome words are not enough……..”
  • ”It was easy to find what I was searching for.”
  • ”I think this is a great idea, as I am about to take time off work to have a baby. Some extra cash would be wonderful.”
  • ”- great! easy to use..”
  • ”excellent idea, and now we know what to do with the spare space…thanx’
  • ”Great idea, will be interested to see if it works for us. Good luck and I hope you business is a success”
  • ”Just read about Spaceout in the Sunday Times. What a great idea, am now checking out your site with a view to listing some spare space I have.”

Damon’s comments.

thumbs up happy faceFrom the moment of conception, I loved SpaceOut. I loved the concept, its simplicity, and I loved the potential this gives to average people to make or save significant money. But it was not until we started asking for user’s thoughts that I knew that I wasn’t alone.

We have had such wonderful feedback from our customers that I felt compelled to share it. But what I really sensed from our customer base is that SpaceOut brings out the nicest in people. We have created a genuine community based revolution and I hope that you can experience this too.

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