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October 16th, 2013

storage-spaceThe modern trend of people accumulating more and more “stuff”, is making it harder for many people to store their belongings. This, coupled by the fact that many people are now living in apartments, makes the luxury of owning a garage or shed a rare commodity.

A solution to this problem however, has been provided by companies that specialise in renting out storage space. Various types of units and containers are available for those looking to store just about anything. The best type of unit to be rented however, is dependent on a number of factors, including :

  • the amount that you are willing to spend
  • the length of time that the goods will stay in storage,  and
  • the nature of the goods being stored.

Generally speaking, most of the storage space units and facilities can be classified under one of the following categories:

Common Self-storage units and compartments

Self-storage units are the most common type of storage facilities. They are most often used for storing office supplies or furniture while moving or relocating business assets, such as office furniture and goods. These types of units are often convenient and easy to access, with a wide variety of size options. However, you are responsible for the arrangement and condition of the stored goods. Plus, the security provided may be limited, and the internal environment of the storage space may be subject to climate variations, dampness, mold and even pests or vermin.

The rent on this type of storage can be costly, but is considered a suitable for short-term solutions during home/office re-settlements.

 Storage units with climate control

Climate controlled storage units allow stored items to be protected from all types of weathering; this means that the temperature and humidity in the units are carefully monitored and controlled .  Climate Controlled units may be regarded as a luxury but they are perfect for safekeeping of valuable items such as vintage furniture, old books or artwork, oil paintings and brass ornaments.

The buildings and facilities containing climate controlled units are typically well secured and under constant supervision. It is not uncommon for these units to be in underground sites and accessed by elevators.. Unlike a self storage option, the goods cannot always be easily accessed. The goods are available for check-outs during limited daily hours, but most companies are willing to meet customers’ demands if there is a need for access outside the standard hours.

 Portable storage containers

Portable storage containers are useful when when it is necessary to keep stored items in the vicinity of work or residential  premises. If onsite storage space for becomes insufficient, any surplus goods can be easily kept nearby and accessible by the leaseholder at anytime. These containers are supplied and delivered by the storage-rental companies and after they have been filled with desired items by the leaseholder, can either remain where they are or be transported to the company’s property for safekeeping. These containers are also rented when long distance resettlements are done, in which case the rental agency is responsible for container transport, but usually not for the condition of transported items. The downside of using this type of storage units is that they provide little protection from cold or heat and objects sensitive to temperature variations should not be stored in this manner.

 Boat/RV/Car Storage sites

If you do need to secure your car from either severe weather conditions or need storage whilst traveling, opting for car storage units like this one in Auckland is a sensible option. This type of storage resembles a huge parking lot with vehicles arranged in a systematic order. You can also opt for a more expensive solution; having your car separately stored in a single compartment. This option can be best for those with expensive vehicles (yacht, sports car); the vehicles are kept under maximum security with video surveillance systems, alarms against intruders and people guarding the premises round the clock.


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