FAQ : How can I help to get more people to find my Listing ?

September 5th, 2009


We sometimes get asked about how members can make their listings easier to find, or more visible in Search Engines.

We have put quite a bit of effort into optimising the site, so that ALL listings can easily be found and indexed by search engines.  We already achieve excellent rankings for specific (town/suburb) based search queries, but the more listings we have in an area, the more likely it is for those listings to be found via google searches.

In short, the more popular SpaceOut becomes, the more listings we get, and the easier it is for people who don’t already know about SpaceOut to find us (and your listing) on the search engines.

search-enginesThe best thing you could do to help your own listing be found, is to tell as many people as you can about SpaceOut and get them to create their own listings.  You could do this via our Tell a Friend page, or simply copy and paste the following text – and email it out to people you know (substituting in your own details for the ones highlighted in red below):


This is just a quick email to let you know that I am currently looking for someone who may be interested in renting out a storage space in Brisbane.  I have recently created a listing on www.SpaceOut.com.au  – To find the details,  go to www.spaceout.com.au/search-for-space/Brisbane-QLD

I’d much rather deal with someone I know, so if you (or someone you know) might be interested, please pass on the link above and have them contact me directly or via the SpaceOut website.

We have found that this can be a VERY effective way for you to spread the word about your space, and you might even be able to help out one of your mates in the process.  If you’ve any other, hints, tips or suggestions about promoting your listing – please feel free to add a comment.

From time to time we include “Featured Space Listings” in this blog.  So if  there is something a little unusual or special about your space – or what you are wanting to use a space for, please let us know. Tell us your story, and maybe send us a photo or two, and we may even be able to do a feature on your own Space for Rent or Space Wanted listing.

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