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September 1st, 2009

backpackerA great opportunity for travelers to be aware of this new low cost storage service.

Spaceout is currently a free service that helps space seekers (people that need to store there gear whilst they travel OS) find spaceowners (someone who has a spare room/garage etc) so a poor traveler can store there gear at a much more affordable rate than traditional storage.

Matt, from Surry England said – “This is perfect, I have been working in Australia for a few months, I want to head off and travel around Australia for 6 months and this is a perfect way for me to store the stuff from my apartment…HEY, when I get back I might rent out part of my storage to other travelers. What a great idea”

At Spaceout we have had awesome feedback from travelers looking for somewhere to store there things. This has become one of our greatest markets….You can even create a space wanted listing well before your trip and have people contact you.

Jess from Perth is heading to do a ski season in the US and she has listed a “space wanted” listing to store her belongings whilst she is away. “I can afford to pay $40-$60 per month for 12 months. I am stoked as this is a much cheaper alternative to traditional storage and I don’t have a lot of stuff”

So if you are thinking of traveling and need somewhere to store your things then check out OR of you would like help out a fellow traveler list your spare space. It may only be a need be small area or part of a room.

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