How Many Folding Bikes Does It Take To Fill A Parking Space?

August 31st, 2009

42-folding-bikesThe answer is in fact 42 (count them), which I guess in today’s increasingly eco-aware society,  could be argued is some justification for riding to work rather than driving.  However, Hitch Hikers Guide the the Galaxy fans would also recognise that the number 42 is the mystical answer to  “Life, the Universe and EVERYTHING” (even Wolfram Alpha agrees)- the problem being that although we know the answer – the original question has long been forgotten.

Curiously (or is it REALLY a coincidence)… there are a bunch of other interesting  situations where the number 42 pops up – including :

  • One of the numbers featured in Lost
  • The angle of refraction (in degrees) for which a rainbow appears
  • 42The time (in minutes) it would (theoretically) take you to fall through a hole from one side of the world to the other
  • The name of Buzz Lightyears Spaceship
  • Dr House’s (from House M.D) favourite number
  • The number of laws of cricket
  • oh – and 6 x 7 of course…
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