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December 11th, 2009

We occasionally receive feedback from members who say that during their first few months, their listing received no BB1162-002enquiries.  As part of our market research, we take a closer look to find out why this is, and in may cases discover that it is the space’s listing price that is…well…uncompetitive.

What I mean here is that there is most likely a self storage facility or another private space in your area, and potential SpaceRenters will of course do their due-diligence and find the most reasonable option to store.

Nobody wants to pay more than they need to to store their stuff just like you wouldn’t in that position, so take a little time to have a good look at the options that SpaceSeekers have in your area.  You may have a look at our national storage price survey showing prices for self storage units in most of the country.  This should give you an indication of the ‘professional rate’, and we typically recommend pricing at 50-70% of that rate.  Also, take a look at the SpaceOut search map for other private spaces in your area – this is what SpaceSeekers do – to see what price other SpaceOwners are offering their space for.

Taking some extra time to set yourself up for a successful space rental is a wise move, and will get your space rented sooner.  Think of all the work you won’t have to do once your space has been rented.  Not bad for the potential return we recon! So today’s message is Stay competitive and rent sooner.

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