FAQ: How Important is a Good Description?

December 7th, 2009

faqWe’ve highlighted before in a number of  posts (such as  how to rent your space sooner ) about the value of including a good description on your space listing.  We have been aware for some time that the listings that get the most enquiries, and the ones that tend to be “snapped” up fastest, are those that provide plenty of information about the space.

However, this was highlighted to me recently when I prepared an article for the SpaceOut December eNewsletter about how to improve your enquiry rate on your listings.  This article included links to some listings that I felt had pretty good descriptions.  However, between the time I found the listings, and published the newsletter (just a few days) 2 out of the three listings I had identified with “good” descriptions, had already been leased – so I had to quickly go and find a few more.  Now perhaps this was just a coincidence,  but I would like to think that the users good descriptions had a lot to do with them leasing out their space.

The moral of this story?

The moral of this story is clear – if you want to rent out your space quickly, spend a little bit longer thinking about how best to describe your space.  This is not only likely to increase your enquiry rate, but is also likely to prevent people (for whom the space may not really be suitable) contacting you and asking for more information (and wasting your time).

Good Description Tips

I’ve outlined below a few prompts for things that you should consider including info about in your space description :

  • Make an accurate and clear description of the space  (how would you describe the space to someone over the phone ?)
  • What type of use would this space be ideal for ?
  • Who do you see as the “perfect” Renter?
  • Describe any access issues or advantages for this space  (e.g. 24 hr drive in access)
  • How secure is the space ?  (locks, security systems, dogs, bars on windows, etc…)
  • What “added vale” might you be able to offer ?  (e.g. can lend a trailer, or can help with moving in)
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