How Aussie Farmers are using SpaceOut

September 10th, 2009

farm-shed-3-bigAs one of the 3 mates that helped start , it’s fantastic to see people benefiting from this new service. Sure, people in the city have taken to us like ducks to water however; we are discovering many other communities love the concept as well.

On Saturday night I was at my Brother in law’s farm for his 30th, and he was telling all his farming mates about . I was not saying too much – just letting Rick tell his farming mates about us and to my surprise they loved the concept! Of course they share their neighbor’s space all the time for stock agistment (you pay to have stock on someone’s paddock), share cropping, machinery and produce storage. However, they rely very much on word of mouth and their own contacts.

My brother in law Rick said – “I could think of a heap of ways that SpaceOut could help me.
• I have storage for hay and grain on this place.
• At times I have a heap of feed for agistment.
• At certain times of the year I am looking for places to store my gear when I go around doing contract harvesting.
• If someone in town has a caravan or motorhome they need to park in a shed I have the space”.

As the conversation went on they all chimed in with ideas. Stables for horses…”I have a spare couple of stables said Peter from up the road”. I might find a close Shearing Shed when I need one. Someone from town could store there boat here and on they went. is all about community pulling together to make and save money. Farmers are great community-minded people.
I reckon farmers could really get a lot out of this service. SpaceOut is still free, so now is the time to get on board.

Nathon Irvin

  1. robyn
    September 23rd, 2009 at 16:27 | #1

    Hi what a great idea. I have nearly ten acres of land – not all usable, with a lot of gums – but do have a few cleared acres that are going to waste.

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