FAQ: Is SpaceOut Really Free ?

September 14th, 2009


This is a question that we get asked a lot – many people just can’t believe that the service is Completely Free and seem to spend a good deal of time trying to work out what “the catch” is.

Well, Good News – the short answer is :  Yes,  SpaceOut IS Completely Free – There is no cost to join up as a member, no cost to create your Listing, no cost to send messages to/from members using the SpaceOut message system, and we don’t take any sort of commission whether or not you find or rent out a space via SpaceOut (we have nothing to do with the agreement or payments between Owners and Seekers).

dollar-signAnd the Long Answer ? –  SpaceOut is free – at the moment.  Whilst we do not currently charge anything at all, this may change at some stage in the future – but if/when it does, it will not affect any existing listings, which will continue be free at least until they expire.

Although we have had lots of fun getting SpaceOut up and running, it is essentially a business, so we will need to ultimately generate some income to cover  costs (and perhaps even make a profit down the line).  We have a number of ideas about how this may be achieved – not all of which necessarily involve charging members for listings.

Currently we have no firm plans  if or when fees may be applied, but we expect to be able to give existing members plenty of notice if  this happens.  So if you’d like to take advantage of our completely free service – NOW is the best time for you to create your listing.

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