Money for Jam : Episode Two – Promo Work, Community Spirit & Burlesque

September 9th, 2009

Money to Jam Episode 2 went to air Wednesday night (9th Sep), with another batch of hints and tips on how you can easily make (or save) a little extra money.

The 2nd episode included stories about :

  • Promotional Work – wearing a silly costume around to promote or advertise a product or business could earn you $20 an hour
  • Sorting through other peoples Junk that they’ve placed out at the kerbside cleanup is a fantastic way to convert rubbish into cash
  • Getting together with your neighbours can create a vibrant healthy community and presents an opportunity to share costs for things such as babysitting, and buying fruit and vegies in bulk.
  • OK so Burlesque is maybe not for everyone, but it’s certainly a different way you could earn an extra income.  Have a look at your own “special” skills and see what you may have to offer

money-for-jam-teamRemember that one of the easiest way for you to make money is still by renting out unused space in your home and business.  You could earn $200 – $300 a month (That’s more than $3,000 a year) by turning your wasted space into cash – literally making money from nothing.

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