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July 19th, 2009

Queenslanders spent $8 Billion renovating their homes last year – and coming up the end of this month (24-26 July) in Brisbane is the HIA Renovate & Build Expo – which is undoubtedly going to trigger the start of a whole new batch of renovation projects.

hia_renobuildexpo09Although it’s been quite a few years since I personally had to do too much in the way of renovating my own house, I clearly remember the  mess and mayhem (not to mention disruption and inconvenience) it caused  for months (although it felt like years) while the renovations were completed.

I (like most people) simply moved furniture around while the renovations took place in different parts of the house.  Not only was it messy and inconvenient – it also took a significant amount of extra effort trying to work around some pieces of furniture and shuffle other pieces from room to room.  Consequently, the whole house was disrupted (not just the room being renovated), and the job probably ended up taking longer than was really necessary.

Now I ask myself why I put up with this – and the answer is very simple – I didn’t think there was any alternative.  But there is.

If I had considered at the time, the option of moving most or all of the furniture out of the rooms to be renovated – and moving them out of the house altogether – into temporary storage, the whole project would have definitely been a lot less messy and  a lot less stressful, but it would also have been completed much sooner, and  probably cost a good deal less as well.

Storage for your Renovation Project

Storage has always been an option of course, but the hassle associated with moving all your stuff into a storage facility (which is very likely quite some distance away), as well as the typically high costs of traditional storage solutions makes this not so attractive.

Now though, with SpaceOut – the option of Private Storage is much more viable.  There is a reasonable chance that you will be able to find a storage solution in your own town or suburb, or maybe even your own street, that meets your specific storage needs – probably at a fraction of the price of traditional storage facilities – and with the added convenience of having your items close by – just in case you need to access them in a hurry.  Go on… try our search for storage space right now and see if there are any spaces matching your needs

SpaceOut to the Rescue

If there is not currently a storage space listed that meets your specific needs, you could create a Space Wanted listing (for FREE), or you could even get out and do a bit of door knocking on your neighbours and simply ask them if they may be willing to do a deal.

if you are considering a renovation project for your home (or business for that matter), for a faster, tidier, cheaper and less stressful outcome, you should definitely take a look at Private Storage as an option.

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