Brisbane Parking Fines at record levels

July 27th, 2009

parking-ticketBrisbane residents have been shocked at recent increases in parking fines set by the Brisbane City Council –  some of which have jumped by more than 300 per cent.  Brisbanites were stunned  to learn that parking across  a driveway or footpath (even if it is their own) could now cost them $100.

Here is an outline of some of the new fees :

  • Parking across a driveway: from $50 to $100 – 100% increase
  • Parking in a disabled car park: from $60 to $200 – 333% increase
  • Clogging an intersection: from $50 to $150 – 200% increase
  • Breaching bus zones: from $100 to $150 – 50% increase
  • Parking in a clearway: from $120 to $200 – 167% increase

Lord Mayor Campbell Newman has said the large fine hikes were designed as a deterrent to drivers. ” The message is simple: If you do the wrong thing and you risk public safety or cause traffic congestion you will be fined. ” Cr Newman said.

So if you are looking to save a bit of money on Parking Fees you had better be very careful how you go about it, or you could be paying out a lot more in fines.

One alternative that can help you to save on the cost of parking and avoid parking fines altogether is by finding a parking space to rent.

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  1. Vici
    December 29th, 2009 at 18:44 | #1

    I am in a wheelchair. I think the fine should be more like $500 for parking across the driveway, $one thousand for parking in a disabled car park, $500 for clogging an intersection, $500 for breaching busloads AND $mon thousand for parking in a clear way!

  2. peter saich
    January 23rd, 2010 at 22:22 | #2

    i hold a disabled red permit and parked in a blue space and received a $200 fine surely it should be less for a disabled ticket holder

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