Aussie Parking Space Rates featured on Today Tonight

August 6th, 2009

As a result of our  media release – Australian Parking Fees Amongst most expensive worldwide – Channel 7s  Today Tonight program on 6th August featured a story about Australian Parking Prices – and some of the online options that are available to significantly reduce your Parking costs.  Whilst my interview with TT ended up on the cutting room floor (which is maybe not such a bad thing), one of our own SpaceOut  members was featured (thanks Liz).

You Can Help Us Promote SpaceOut

We love it when SpaceOut makes it into the news – and in fact it is important for the ongoing growth of our service.  The higher our profile, the more people get to hear about our service, the more visitors we get to the site, and the faster our members are able to rent out their spaces, or find a space that meets their needs.

We regularly get contacted by the media wanting to talk to our members – but we are not prepared to pass on member details without your permission.  So if you are a SpaceOut member and have a story to tell, or are willing to talk to the media, please let us know, and we will put you in touch – and as a thank you we may also do a feature post on you or your space on the blog – or maybe even offer you an enhanced listing.

The Today Tonight Story

I think the TT report was a great piece, and whilst SpaceOut’s primary focus is Storage, we were still mentioned on the TT website, which generated a reasonable amount of traffic and some extra members and listings as well.  The story also featured some great comments from Matt Mitchell of Findacarpark (a great service that focuses exclusively on Car parking Spaces).

In case you missed the story … here it is.., I think that it is definitely worth a look :

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