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August 8th, 2009

mink-home-stagingNick and Deb from Bardon in Brisbane, run a small (but rapidly growing) business called Mink Home Staging – helping people to sell their homes faster (and usually for a higher price) by “transforming them into display homes“.

If you have a house for sale, Mink can come into your home and help you to maximise your sale opportunities by moving (or removing) some of your furniture and adding some of their own – to make your house look like a dream home.  It is a proven real estate strategy and research shows that staged homes often sell for a higher price, and considerably faster than unstaged homes.

Business is booming – we need more space !!!

Nick and Deb need space to store their growing inventory of furniture, props and the hundreds of other things that they use to transform their clients homes.  They also often need extra temporary storage space to store some of their clients furniture.

mink-debWe are currently using self storage but business is booming and we are having growing pains. We have already expanded three times, and really need a bigger space – preferably part of a warehouse. We are not yet big enough for a complete warehouse and this is where Spaceout can help us out. We are looking for someone who has some space in a warehouse to sub-lease.

Mink Home Staging is looking for at least 30 square metres of lock-up warehouse space in the West or North of Brisbane.  Take a look at their listing and get in touch if you can help.

If you would like your listing featured here, please contact us, and we will let you know how.

  1. Trent Young
    September 21st, 2010 at 07:51 | #1


    We run a logistics company and usually have some spare space available, if interested please call me on 0421317927 to discuss further.

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