Melbourne has 1.3 Million unused bedrooms !!

August 11th, 2009

Right now, there are 1.3 Million bedrooms in Melbourne that are not being used. This accounts for nearly a third of all bedrooms in Melbourne, and highlights what a massive opportunity there is for these home owners to convert that unused space into an extra income.

the-melbourne-ageAn article in today’s Melbourne Age Newspaper – Room to spare as city sprawls – draws attention to a Victorian Department of Transport report which claims that almost 70 per cent of houses within current Melbourne city limits had extra bedrooms that were not being used.

SpaceOut members are already making hundreds of dollars a month (that’s thousands of dollars a year) renting out spare space in their homes and businesses. This is space that would otherwise have sat there idle, or been used to accumulate their own junk.

If you have an unused bedroom in your house – you could convert it into a regular income by renting it out for storage – find out how to rent out your space now.

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