Design and Build a Business Remotely!!

August 27th, 2009

Design and Build a Business Remotely!!

remote -businessSpaceOut has been running now since late last year, but we actually started development in 2007. Development took longer than we had expected, and certainly cost more too, but the cool thing about SpaceOut is that all 3 directors have never sat in the same room together! We all live several thousand kilometres apart, so we had to plan, design, build and lauch our wonderful site all virtually.

That meant weekly Skype meetings for the last couple of years, chat windows popping up in the middle of the night, and enough email between us to make a spammer proud.  You know those emails where in one colour I write my (numerous) ideas, then Andy replies to each of them in a different colour, and Nathon will add edits and more ideas in his favourite colour, then I wil need a different colour again for fresh input, and we keep going till we don’t know which ideas came from and have one psychodellic email!

However, we are all very proud of the final service we’ve created. People are always telling us how easy the site is to use, and what a great idea this is – making money with space around your home or business, or saving a packet on the cost of self-storage.

skypeThe site is still free to use, but one of these days we will need to start charging a nominal fee. Of course, with the money that can be made or saved, I don’t think people will have too much of an issue about it.

If you haven’t made a listing yet, get on board. This is truely a win-win idea.

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