Money for Jam – Simple ways to Make Money – for Nothing !!

August 20th, 2009

In September, Channel Nine will be broadcasting a brand new television series called “Money for Jam”  that’s all about ideas on how to put more money back in your pocket.

As you are probably aware the saying “money for jam”  means easy money. Your “bread and butter” relates to your regular income and “the jam”, is a bonus on the top – quick cash that makes life so much sweeter.

money-for-jamMoney For Jam promises to offer plenty of easy advice and money-making tips to leave you feeling excited about just how easy it can be to save and make your money go further.

The series is to be fronted by by two respected financial experts, Effie Zahos (editor of Money magazine) and Paul Clitheroe (Australian money guru), along with well-known TV presenter Shelley Craft and AFL legend Shane Crawford.

Look out for episode one, where Effie will show you how to get a bonus worth nearly $3,000 a year. Shane meets a man who has turned his love of beer into a business. Five tradesmen take Shelley’s lunchbox challenge. And there are words of wisdom from money-man Paul Clitheroe. Plus the “Super Scrooge of the Week” segment with the scroogiest ideas to save a buck.

Remember on your quest to either make or save money, that advertising your office, parking or storage space through Spaceout also gives you a great opportunity to get Money for Jam.

With no high-finance talk or financial jargon, Money For Jam is full of simple ways to make money… for jam.

Premieres Wednesday, 2 September at 8.00pm on WIN

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