What’s the Best Gift you can think of?

November 2nd, 2009

I was brainstorming on the ideal gift the other day – and all sentimentalmoney-gift value aside – guess what I decided would be the best thing anyone could get… a passive income!

I mean, just think about it… you as the receiver just suddenly have cash flowing in that you didn’t otherwise have – without having to do anything for it.  And I don’t even think the amount is all that important, just the fact that each month or week, you have kind of free money that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

It might stop you going further into debt if that’s where you’re headed, or it might mean you can afford a new monthly luxury that you didn’t have the capacity for before hand.

As fantastical as this may sound, these days you can give this gift, or at least a very good chance of it.  Tell your friends and family about SpaceOut.com.au.  It is total no-brainer income.  How happy will one of your friends be if they start making a few hundred a month just because you told them how to use that spare space.  Go on, it’s too easy.

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