The Perfect Spaceout Marriage

October 19th, 2009

successLast week we learned of  another SpaceOut perfect match, and we’d like to share the experience of these two SpaceOut members.

The Owner

Paul, has a large shed in his yard that he barely uses.  He was told about SpaceOut by a friend and thought it could be a great opportunity to make some extra cash (and help pay off his mortgage) by renting it out.

The Seeker

Anthony, a self employed builder, (who happens to live in the very same street as Paul)  has a work truck that he had to park on the street outside his house. He was concerned about the security of his tools, so every day had to load and unload the truck to store his tools safely in his house.  Anthony  heard about  SpaceOut and was hoping to find a secure storage shed or garage within walking distance for his truck and tools.

The Match

Anthony spotted Paul’s listing and couldn’t believe his luck – finding a space so close by.  He got in touch; viewed the space; they struck a deal; and now both are much better off – thanks to SpaceOut.

But the story does not end there.  Although living so close – they had not actually met each other before SpaceOut.  As it happens, Paul was planning on doing some renovations to his house, was looking for a local builder, and realised  that Anthony might be the perfect man for the job.  So now they are discussing the possibility of a contra deal as part payment for the renovations.

Anthony gets somewhere to park his truck, as well as his next job lined up and Paul gets a bargain price for his renovation.  This is a win-win situation for both Paul (the Space Owner) and Anthony (the Space Seeker).

The Community Wins

This match shows the community working together and sharing resources in tough times…and that is what SpaceOut is all about.  Just imagine – in the future when SpaceOut is more widely known,  this scenario will happen all the time. Is there  someone in your street that you may be able to assist in some way ?

We love to hear stories of successful SpaceOut match ups – if you have a story to tell, please add a comment or let us know about your SpaceOut experience.

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