SpaceOut Users Said (in September)…

September 25th, 2009

We love to hear feedback from our site visitors and particularly our members.  The good feedback reinforces that we are doing at least some things right – but we especially like to hear what we are doing wrong as it gives us an opportunity to improve.  Here is a small selection of some of the feedback we have received from SpaceOut Members and site visitors over the last few weeks :

  • feedbackEasy to find information
  • More information for people is required  e.g. What are the spaceowner’s legal rights and responsibilities.
  • Very user friendly.  A listing of average commercial storage rates would be useful to judge if prices are reasonable.
  • Sounds great. We’ll be seriously considering listing a spare room.
  • Seems to just cover inner city sites
  • Very easy to use, the map is excellent too.
  • Straight forward, not cluttered, easy to use
  • If someone wants to cancel a membership how do they go about it.
  • Great idea, sort of like a Craig’s List but for inanimate objects.
  • love it
  • This is a fantastic idea…..and the fact that listings are free is brilliant!
  • Really easy – we know when the free ad will stop – well done
  • Suggestion show Size in Feet and inches as well as sq metre size.
  • Great concept and so so easy to negotiate and use. Congrats!

If you’ve any suggestions, comments, concerns, criticisms or compliments about SpaceOut please make sure that you contact us.

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