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May 12th, 2010

We love it when our members and website visitors provide feedback about the SpaceOut website and the service that we provide.   Here is a selection of some of the feedback (along with our response in some cases) we have received from SpaceOut Members and site visitors over the  last month or so :feedback

  • It’s great, good communications system protecting privacy
  • great idea
  • Need a place for person who is renting out the space to put their phone number, so someone can contact them!!!
    A phone number can be included in the description if you wish, but the message system allows people to contact you – and ensures your privacy until you are ready to exchange contact details
  • What a great idea! Haven’t found what I need yet, but have more clues now.
  • Excellent web site and the simplicity of working it.
  • Great idea,maybe more car park owners+renters would respond.
  • Would be nice if I could get a permalink to a listing to share outside the site.
    Permalinks have now been added to the popup listing details page
  • This is an easy site to negotiate and set-out is clear and has the necessary info in a great format
    very easy to use
  • pictures of the spaces could be useful as well as a little more info about the space for rent
    We encourage owners to provide detailed space descriptions (the better and clearer the information the easier it usually is to rent out the space).  We plan to allow owners to include photos  in their listings in a future upgrade
  • Requires some more properties – Presumably project is in the early growth stages, so understandably not much to see at this stage. …Still good!
    Yup… the number of listings vary from time to time, but we are working hard at raising awareness of the  service
  • Fantastic site, I would recommend this site to anyone who has spare space to let, couldn’t get any better!
  • A handy site for me to do a quick search of parking stations in the inner city. Very useful.
  • Easy to get location and phone number
  • Why isn’t this so well known … Perhaps more advertising?
  • very good idea!
  • Site is great if you live in the cities. I’m in rural Qld and had to type in each place I could think of locally. Maybe a list of areas that have current “”space”” could be added.
    We do provide a list of  hot listings and also show the latest space listings (by state) and the most  popular suburbs, but listings tend to come and go, so at any one time there may not be any listings in a particular area – this is why we encourage people to create a Space Wanted Listing if they are looking for a particular type of space in a particular area.
  • the concept is great . a good extra income in these hard times
  • Very Much needed
  • great idea only thing now is to see if it works if it does we might offer some space when we get our place

If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, criticisms or compliments about SpaceOut please make sure that you contact us.

saw your ad in local paper; interested and looking; I have space to rent if I become interested

total square meterage instead of width, height, etc would suit me better and multiple listing of suburbs ie more than one location in search

Great idea for a website

Great concept, just need to get more people on to it

Very user friendly.

GREAT idea!! Exactly what I’ve been looking for  the past few months! Thank you!

Great idea!! Hope people in Perth will use the site

multiple listing for one add – rural and parking storage to be a able to be ticked in the same ad

First time I’ve seen a site like this

This appears to be a fairly new site as there are not a lot of participants yet but the idea is great. Have you contemplated a category for temporary/intermittent parking places for cars and vans around the state

It would be good to be able to specify what the space was good for. For example, I have a large second garage that would suit a boat, caravan, car, camper van. That would be good to able to note.

wot a great idea for those of us who have the space and those of us who need the space

Very easy to use and navigate

Great site for advertising space.  I am very happy with the results for advertising office space have successfully leased 2 offices in last 6 months. Great results!!

Spaceout is fairly new, not many people know about it.

Great stuff

Easy to operate and informative thanks

Beautiful, simple, functional website.

I have found everything I needed to know for a novice space owner.  Everything is easy to navigate and the information is very useful.  I haven’t needed to look anywhere else for answers to the many questions I had.

it would help if the prices matched companies not just suburbs

I live in Eltahm some locations in that region would be more accessible

Excellent warm helpful service from Miami. Could not be more helpful or pleasant

like the idea of getting the best deal in the region

You continue to add improvements to your site. It’s very user-friendly. You try to think of everything both parties would want included. Congratulations. Carol – Perth

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