New Rural Listing Types Added

September 17th, 2009

If you read Nathon’s blog post last week about How Aussie Farmers are using SpaceOut –  you weren’t the only one.  We have had a lot of interest from farmers and rural communities about the benefits that a service like SpaceOut could offer them.

windmillTraditionally farmers have always been pretty community oriented and often shared resources. However, in the past this type of collaboration depended largely on word of mouth and “knowing” someone (or knowing of someone) who had a resource that could be shared or swapped.  Now, with the services available through SpaceOut, this can be expanded so that whole communities can advertise and share their spare or unused resources.

We are VERY excited to announce that we have created three brand new Listing Types – specifically for Farmers and Rural Communities :

  • Rural – Shed : this category is designed for sheds of all descriptions – Cow sheds, Stables, Shearing Sheds, Hay Sheds, Storage Sheds, Machinery Sheds – pretty much any building that stuff (or livestock) could be kept in.
  • Rural – Paddock : this category is for open spaces that could be used for agistment, or storing vehicles or machinery, or even (I guess) growing crops
  • Rural – Other : this category is for all the other farming / rural related stuff that we haven’t yet even thought of

To make use of these Listing Types, simply select form the drop-down list when creating your Space for Rent or Space Wanted Listing.

I’d like to put my hand up and admit that the SpaceOut founders are essentially “city boys” with relatively little exposure to farming life, so we are very open to (and in fact encourage) comments and feedback on these new categories.  We are quite willing (and able) to change or expand the rural listing types, so please feel free to add your comments to this post – or contact us directly with your feedback.

And if these categories happen to become as popular as we think that they might, we may even be able to create a whole new “Rural” section on SpaceOut – catering specifically to the needs of Australia’s Farming and Rural Communities.

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