Ever thought of renting out your garden as a campsite?

May 26th, 2011

Another innovative use of your unused space at home has been highlighted by new UK online service – CampInMyGarden.com

Launched in April, the website invites homeowners to list their gardens as potential campsites for travelers passing through the local vicinity. Gardens are listed with a short description and details of facilities available such as showers, power points, wifi connectivity, barbecues and parking.

Garden owners are also able to :

  • list what shops and public transport links there are nearby
  • list the dates their gardens are available to camp in
  • specify how much it will cost one person to stay on site per night.

Visitors searching for a campsite are able to browse for gardens by location, or select a specific event they are planning to attend and browse for gardens nearby.

If you are in Australia and have a garden that you think would be suitable for renting out for camping then you can create a space for rent listing right now.  Currently the “Other” Space type category is probably the most suitable one to choose for this type of a listing.

There seems to be no end in sight for the trend of sharing and renting out unused space, and we regularly get new (and sometimes unusual) listings added to SpaceOut.  As we get more of certain types of listings, we will consider adding new categories (as we have already done for Parking, Office and Rural Space).

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