Media Release: Save Thousands of Dollars on Parking Fees

January 19th, 2010

If you are tired of spending a small fortune on parking fees, fed up with paying out parking fines, or  desperate to find a convenient and cheap place to park, there could be a remarkably simple solution.

Property owners in cities and towns throughout Australia, with unused garages, parking spots or even driveways are offering them up for rent as private parking – providing a great alternative for people who are fed up with paying high parking rates.  Some owners are charging as little as $150 a month for inner city parking – or even less for suburban spots. Using private parking could save you thousands of dollars a year. A recent study shows that Sydney CBD has a median parking rate of $730 per month.

A new type of online services like that offered at allows you to locate and get in touch with people who have lock up garages, undercover parking or private driveways that they are willing to rent out on an annual, monthly and even casual basis.

These days many people living in or near capital city CBDs have parking spaces included with their lease but don’t own a vehicle, and don’t need or use the parking spot.  Many of these people are happy to rent out the parking space at a fraction of the normal rate.  They get a regular extra income, and you can get bargain priced parking – it is a win, win situation where everyone benefits.

A spokesman for classified advertising and community website Gumtree said it had seen a “massive increase” in the number of parking spaces and garages for hire in recent months. It has now introduced a section for people looking to rent a garage or parking space.

Whether you need to park near the CBD, sporting arenas, shopping centers, hospitals, theatres or close to a railway station you are probably used to paying a fortune for parking. However space owners with driveways near the CBD, train stations and even major shopping centers are renting out private parking spaces for as little as $150 per month.

Damon Russell from SpaceOut says “we get new listings just about every day from people wanting to lease out their unused space.”   Right now SpaceOut has hundreds of cost effective parking space listings that are available for rent in capital city CBDs and suburban locations throughout Australia.

Steve and Craig from, Sydney currently “share” a garage in Redfern. Steve, “the home owner” leaves early to work at the Sydney airport and Matt parks his car there whilst he is at work from 8.30 -5pm. Steve makes $3000 per year and Craig is saving about $2000 per year on parking fees and is actually closer to his office.

“It works for both the parking space owner and the motorist wanting the space. Drivers typically save between 30 and 70 per cent off the cost of parking when they choose to use this method instead of a commercial car park.” Says Russell.

Some residents close to airports have even been offering lifts to the airport as well as their driveway to park your car.

Private parking space rental is a relatively new concept, but the idea of ”sharing” unused space actually ties in very nicely with societies increasing awareness of the benefits of recycling.  Why not give it a go, save yourself some money on parking fees (or make some extra cash if you are an owner) and do your little bit for a greener community.

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