Media Release: New Industry has become big business

September 8th, 2010

Space is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity these days
and average Australians with a little spare space are cashing in on the demand

Australian home and business owners with extra or unused space are beginning to recognise that they can turn their spare space into a regular income – literally making money out of thin air. Services that specialise in linking people who need space with those who have space are becoming big business.

Services which provide a space brokerage or online listing service, such as those provided at,  are becoming increasingly popular. These services make it simple to either advertise spare space OR search for spare space to rent.

Although originally running as a free service, Spaceout recently introduced a small monthly subscription fee to help support the demand for a broader range of services – by expanding into office, parking, rural and commercial space in addition to the original storage space listings.  Innovative online services like this  have implemented easier navigation and mapping systems and invested in research to help owners set realistic prices for their spare space.

Director of Spaceout Andy Henderson says :

“The demand from our clients has been the driving force behind these developments and have turned what was  a hobby, into a real business for us”.

“Space sharing” or “Private Storage” are industries that are experiencing rapid growth not just in Australia, but throughout the world. Businesses at the forefront of this trend – like Spaceout in Australia, SpareFoot in the USA and Your Parking Space in the UK – are all growing fast.

Spaceout members, Ian and Pat from Brisbane say:

“We recently rented out our spare parking space using Spaceout and now receive a regular passive income. We are happy to pay a small fee to advertise,  if it makes the public more aware of it, and means we can rent out the space faster”

It seems that as time goes on, as the world gets more crowded, space becomes scarcer and increasingly valuable, businesses like SpaceOut will thrive. And remember, if you have some spare space, you too can cash in – simply go to – you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is.

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