Media Release: Aussie Seniors Discover a Gold Mine!

March 2nd, 2010

Many Australian Seniors and Retirees have recently stumbled onto a little gold mine in their own back yards.

Seniors who own their home, have discovered that they can now make use of new online services to help them rent out unused space to people searching for storage space. They can earn a steady passive income to help supplement their superannuation or pensions whilst they enjoy their retirement.

Managing Director of space sharing website,  Damon Russell says –

We have been inundated with enquiries from Aussie Seniors nationwide looking to rent out their spare space. “Grey Nomads” (seniors that travel in Caravans or Motorhomes) have been particularly active on the site. They are either offering their spare or vacant space for people to store their possessions or are looking for short to medium term storage space to store their vans. It seems to work both ways for our seniors….Those with space can easily earn a couple of hundred dollars a month and those looking for space can often find a cheaper and more convenient storage solution”.

The Census of Population and Housing (2009) highlighted that approx 80% of Australians over 65 own their home outright. Therefore, a spare room, a shed, an unused garage, or parking space, wasted space under their house, or even an empty wardrobe can all be easily harnessed to earn seniors an extra regular passive income – literally turning thin air into income!

SpaceOut offers an entirely new type of service which provides Australian home and business owners with an opportunity to turn their spare space into a regular passive income.  Homeowners simply list their unused space for rent at and people looking for space (SpaceSeekers) within a specific area can search to find which spaces are currently available. The easy to use search feature shows spaces that are currently available for rent on a map, making it easy to identify spaces in a local area.

Feedback from seniors has been overwhelmingly positive with most declaring “what a great idea” it is. With thousands of members Australia wide already, and growing fast, presents a great opportunity for ordinary Australians to make some extra cash with very little effort.

  1. April 2nd, 2010 at 11:58 | #1

    What a great Idea for earning that little extra cash, I know plenty of older people who have a garage they no longer use

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