Paid Parking in Shopping Centres – A bonanza for local residents?

October 26th, 2011

The recent announcements of paid parking at Westfield Shopping Centres in Brisbane has created lots of controversy over the last few months, but may end up being a bonus for local home and business owners.

Paid parking was introduced this week at Chermside Shopping Center – with plans to implement it at Westfield Carindale in March next year.

The new parking charges at Westfield Chermside have had an immediate impact – leaving empty car parks and resulting in clogged local streets, increased traffic congestion, and the need for a local services club to employ security guards to monitor their own car park.

Parking Fees $20 per day

The new charges, which apply to vehicles parked for 3 hours or more, are designed to encourage commuters and long term parkers to look at alternatives.  Parking fees can be as much as $20 for the day.

Shopping Center staff have been allocated special parking areas, but have complained of half hour waits to get in, and are concerned that they will be forced to pay up to $20 a day if they miss out on one of the staff parking spaces.

Local Residents Cash In

Aside from the extra disruption and congestion being faced by local residents, some may actually be presented with an opportunity to earn some extra income.  Some residents with a spare parking spot have already been approached by car owners offering to pay to park there.  Home or business owners with an extra parking space in the driveway, garage, or yard may find that they are in demand, and can rent out their unused parking space on a casual, weekly or even monthly basis – with the potential to earn as much as $15 a day or $300 a month.

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