How to rent your space sooner…

November 23rd, 2009

It’s really pretty simple – but the speed in rich you rent out your space is heavily influenced  by the quality of your listing details. Remember that the reason you wanted to list your spare space in the first place was to make yourself a handy new income, and the best new income starts asap! So here we’d like to give you some simple guidelines on what details to include in your listing to get your space rented out sooner.

For this exercise, there is only one page you need to look at, and that is the individual space detail page found by logging in to your member account and selecting the listing.  Ensure tjat the address details are correct and then review each other field and choose  (or enter) the most appropriate values  for each.


Is your space a garage, a room or a parking space etc? What is the access? Determine how much you are charging for your space – if you ask too much you are unlikely to get many responses. Take a look at local storage rates, you can see the results of our Australian nation wide storage price survey or even call self storage operators in your neighbourhood and ask for a quote for the size of space you have as a guide.  We typically recommend 50-70% of the ‘professional’ rate.

Next include accurate measurements for your space so SpaceSeekers can match their needs.

The Space Profile is the most important field on the page. You need to give potential SpaceRenters a mental picture of the space. Here is an example of a poor space profile which will leave more questions than answers, followed by a simple, informative one:

“Got a spare room for rent.”


“Spare rumpus room within our house for storage. Secure, dry and accessible from driveway by ramp. Area is tiled, lockable and has a big double door entrance.”

Obviously the second example gives a clearer picture of the storage area even though it is pretty short, and you’d probably more inclined to go with this right? And so would a potential SpaceRenter.

The Owner Profile field is really to give a simple picture of you – it doesn’t need to be a life story obviously, but something that gives potential renters an idea of what your situation is. For example:  “Mum, dad, two children, cat and 2 dogs. Not many visitors and home a lot.”

And that’s as simple as it needs to be. 5-10 minutes of thought on this page can make all the difference in the Private storage world. Put yourself in the shoes of a SpaceSeeker and think about what you’d like to see.

Happy renting!!

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